Manilacaba bag from Louboutin available in Chapeau

Manilacaba bag is Louboutin´s last creation, and at the moment the bag is avalilable in Chapeau Valencia,

Louboutin has created the Manilacaba bag after a long trip to Philippines,. Manilacaba is an amazing piece of craftsmanship inspired by the cultural heritage of Republic of the Philippines.

manila diesñador
Manilacaba process
Manila 03

The designer has created the manilacaba bag together whith ASEAN(association that support economic growth of Asian women and their creations). For that reason Now you have the opportunity of aqquire a very special piece of fashion and and at the same time collaborate with an association that fights for the rights of the Filipino women.

These two models are available in Chapeau.


If you aqquiere the Manilacaba Bag in Chapeau part of the benefits will be donated to the organization. So don´t hesitate and come to discover the last Louboutin icon.

Visit us and fall in love with Manilacaba bag.